ordinary offers a selection of cheese, charcuterie, chocolates, cookies, grilled cheese sandwiches, smoked meats and pies. All of our cheese and charcuterie is hand selected by the cheese mongers from Caseus Fromagerie Bistro. Our smoked meats are brined and rubbed with our signature bbq rub and slow smoked with a mixture of apple and cherry wood. We use only the best quality beef pasture raised grass fed briskets from Painted Hills Ranch in Oregon, antibiotic and hormone free Berkshire pork shoulders sourced from small family farms for us by Dartagnan Meats and organic free range chickens from Menonite farm in Pennsylvania.  Each smoked meat is served with a signature sauce made from scratch highlighting a different American BBQ region. How can we improve bbq? Add it to a hearty grilled cheese sandwich! In addition we offer a diverse yet approachable list of draft beers, wines, and spirits.



Here is a small sample of what we offer, subject to change based on seasonality and availability -


We hope to see you soon!