ordinary offers a selection of cheese, charcuterie, chocolates, cookies, grilled cheese sandwiches, smoked meats and pies. All of our cheese and charcuterie is hand selected by the cheese mongers from Caseus Fromagerie Bistro. Our smoked meats are brined and rubbed with our signature bbq rub and slow smoked with a mixture of apple and cherry wood. We use only the best quality beef pasture raised grass fed briskets from Painted Hills Ranch in Oregon, antibiotic and hormone free Berkshire pork shoulders sourced from small family farms for us by Dartagnan Meats and organic free range chickens from Menonite farm in Pennsylvania.  Each smoked meat is served with a signature sauce made from scratch highlighting a different American BBQ region. How can we improve bbq? Add it to a hearty grilled cheese sandwich! In addition we offer a diverse yet approachable list of draft beers, wines, and spirits.


Here is a small sample of what we offer, subject to change based on seasonality and availability -


Sweet Roasted Nuts 5

Candied Bacon 4
Bacon candied with Rowan's Creek Bourbon & Brown Sugar Chili Rub

Cornbread & Butter 4
Slices of our house cornbread with a jalapeno whipped butter

Provencal Olives 5
Mixed marinated olives in sunflower oil, vinegar, sea salt & thyme

Righteous Felon Beef Jerky 8
hickory | habanero | chipotle | victorious BIG



Kale Caesar! 7
Common Ground Fresh Kale, Sungold Tomatoes, BBQ Crutons, Caesar dressing, Parmesean

Daily Chili served over FRITOS

BBQ Chicken Sandwich 7
smoked chicken, pickled slaw, slider bun

Smoked Trout Dip 8
New England style with cream cheese, herbs, & crackers

Cheese & Meat Board 12
a Cheddar, a Blue, a Salami
Accompanied by cornichons, grainy mustard & toasted bread.

BeerCheese! 8
pretzel bread | grainy mustard | cornichons

GIANT Cookies 7
Two Chocolate Chunk cookies w/ maldon sea salt
& a chilled glass of milk

ordinary slates –

Our cheese boards are served up on reclaimed slate from our friend Jason, a roofer and slate worker who custom cuts them to our needs. From Jason the “slate guy” Slate has proven to be the longest enduring roofing material in the world.  There is a chapel in England clad with a 1200 year old slate roof still in good condition. All roofing slate is micaceous slate.  It began hundreds of millions of years ago as silt carried to the bottom of oceans and seas, carried by rivers, streams, and other tributaries.  The silt built up over many aeons and eventually metamorphosed under great pressure into the crystallized state in which it exists today, containing both grain and cleavage planes. The direction of these planes are not result of the original stratification but rather a result of the direction of compression.  For hundreds of years, and in some areas, for a thousand years or better, slate has been excavated from the ground and fashioned into sheets for roofing purposes.   Your cheese board was once a roofing slate, the duty of which it performed for nearly a century.  Before it was hauled up, nailed to the roof, and exposed to the elements, it was fashioned into a shingle at a quarry in Vermont (or Maine if it is black slate).  Here it was excavated out of the ground, sculpted into blocks, and split with hammer and chisel by hand. Today, pneumatic chisels are used and slates are mechanically trimmed and punched, but originally trimming was done by hand with anvil and ax and punched with the pick of the ax.


Ordinary Classic Grilled Cheese 6
X-sharp VT cheddar | cornichons | house tomato soup dip

ADD some stuff!
berkshire pulled pork +5
beef breisket +6
sauteed mushrooms +2
applewood smoked or candied bacon +2

Mac & Cheese 8
Daily changing baked mac & cheese

CASEUS Sausage Roll 10
Daily sausage on a potato bun
w/ melted provolone & mustard


by Smoke Box BBQ & CASEUS Fromagerie Bistro

our meats are pasture raised, antibiotic & hormone free, smoked over local applewood for hours.
Over 1/3 lb of smoked meat served over a slice of sourdough w. hourse slaw, pickled j.o.c.* & cornbread

Smoked Chicken Thighs 12
over toast w. mustard BBQ sauce

Pulled Berkshire Pork 12
w/ North Carolina style chipotle cider vinegar BBQ sauce

Smoked Grass fed Brisket 13
w/ Texas style sweet n' sticky BBQ sauce

*house pickled jalapeno | onion | carrots


extra sauce 1
extra cornbread 1
extra slaw or j.o.c 1
extra 1/4 lb smoked meat 4
put it over a Caesar 3




BBQ Sandwich 5
Pulled Pork or Brisket, Brioche Bun, Slaw, BBQ Sauce

Classic Grilled Cheese 5
House Cheese Mix, Sour Dough Bread, JOC, Tomato Dip

pork butt


We hope to see you soon!