Silas Finch Scavenger Art Opening

Ordinary presents: SCAV•ENG•ER, the stories of two people who salvage discarded items for their creations. Join us for artwork by Silas Finch and wild cocktails inspired by the work of Samantha Gawrych with The Wild Goods.


Silas Finch is a storyteller that prefers not to speak, an immortalizer of the objects he is obsessed with collecting, he is entirely self-taught in his artistic practice. For Silas, the greatest challenge in sculpture is to be simple, “to strip something down to its last component.” He looks for a story inside the scavenged  materials he chooses, and his journeys for objects take him deep into the recesses of human culture and natural history. Abandoned carnival shelving and hinges become birds in flight over a cloudy seaside landscape. A World War II parachute is pinned into form to project a 20 foot-long wearable dress. The footbeds of antique high-heeled shoes are painstakingly inlaid with wild thorns. “I’m more influenced by the art of craftsmanship, something that I feel has gotten lost in the pop culture of today.” His methods of assembly often predate welding or adhesives. “I prefer to find a natural connection, a cold connection [between objects], a balance between the two.” Open to all materials and knowledge, he doesn’t paint objects, but manipulates their texture and shade using varnish and urethane. Viewing his sculptures, we are reminded of the multiple narratives that life suggests and the stories that every object silently contains.


Silas’ works have been commissioned by 1Hotels in Miami and New York, the Groton Academy in Massachusetts, and the West Hartford Public Schools most recently. Large scale sculpture installations can be found locally at the Corsair Apartments courtyard and the rooftop of Miya’s Sushi here in New Haven. Silas also has a studio workshop open to the public by appointment.


Samantha Gawrych, founder of The Wild Goods, is a Connecticut and Cape Cod forager and supplier of wild plants, shoots, herbs and mushrooms. Connecticut’s wild foods are our locally available superfoods as well as our forgotten medicines, often high in phyotnutrients that we do not typically consume in cultivated fruits and vegetables. Their potency and distinct flavors have loads to offer not only our palettes but also the health of our bodies. Complementing Silas Finch’s artwork on Saturday, June 24th, The Wild Goods will offer up some forage-infused spirits for a few special drinks at Ordinary.


For a glimpse into Samantha’s foraging endeavors, visit her Instagram @thewildgoods and her website