VMP The Spins Vinyl Listening Party

Join us and Vinyl Me, Please as we celebrate music in its finest, rawest format, with a listening party for VMP’s May record of the month, Clipse’s “Lord Willin'”.

“‘SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT’, a neon cross illuminating behind Virginia rapper Pusha T reads on stage during his 2016 tour. Nearly a decade and a half earlier, the same ominous biblical prophecy manifests itself as he and brother No Malice (Malice at the time) unleashed their official debut release “Lord Willin'” on the world. While Houston had UGK, and Atlanta had Outkast, Clipse put Virginia Beach hip-hop on the map, and shattered the rap world’s walls with bricks. Contrasting with the popularity of braggadocio rap and its club-friendly beats, Clipse, with production from the Neptunes (Pharrel Williams and Chad Hugo), took the same confidence, stripped it of any excess flash, and let the narrative of struggling and survival breathe, rapping tales of hustling dope and all the circumstances and consequences¬†surrounding it. “Lord Willin'” brought a brand new sound and approach to, not only Southern rap, but rap music in general. Lyrically haunting and overtly intriguing, while maintaining and honoring the honesty of forebears like Pimp C and Big Boi, Clipse took the only life they knew, and turned it into an artful masterpiece.” – Chason Higgins

So come! Have some fun, have some drinks, and always keep the vinyl spinning.